Alan Wallace delivers solid and proven results based on 15 years experience in public relations, marketing & branding for Hi Tech, Entertainment, B2B and Consumer oriented companies. Alan Wallace believes that there are some basic principles needed to drive media attention. Be Newsworthy not press release abundant. Contact Proper media only when its worth their time. Plan your product, website and news around key events that will further media attention. Alan Wallace has served in key positions for several hi tech, entertainment and connsumer related companies. Wallace served as VP of Corporate Communications for MeziMedia, Inc. the operator of the web sites, and (press room should visit Prior to MeziMedia, Wallace was VP, Corporate Communications US for Panda Software. His efforts helped to expand the companies US and global media presence with stories that were picked up globally. While in this postion, Panda Software experienced the fastest and highest financial growth in its history and according to the Financial Times made an additional $30 Million in revenue over its previous year. Wallace also gained attention as the SVP of Corporate Communications for Internet Radio leader Live365.  Wallace joined the company as its VP, of Marketing but as budgets disappeared Wallace found the ability to exceed the companies goals for growth using public relations and he was promoted to SVP of Corporate Communications. Wallace achieved the goal of making Live365 the #1 I Internet radio network in October 2002 (Arbitron) and Live365 has maintained that rank ever since.   Prior to Live365, Alan Wallace was the founder and CEO of iAgency.  Also known as InterActive Agency, the company (started in May of '95) was the first marketing, public relations and advertising agency created to promote companies Internet ventures.   Clients  included: AOL, Warner Bros. Online, HBO, NBC,  Symantec,  Quarterdeck, UnityMail (by Revnet)  and many others. Prior to co-founding InterActive Agency, Alan Wallace  produced top  rated radio programs in Houston, Los Angeles and Nashville and  operated his own Houston-based public relations and software/online consulting company, MediaWorks Entertainment.  Alan Wallace also managed public relations efforts for the launch of the movie "Sidekicks," starring  Chuck Norris (which opened #2 in the box office); produced the 1994 Houston Rockets Victory  Party at the Astrodome, and managed crises public relations when Tejano singer Selena was slain in Corpus Christi.  Wallace also aided in the organization of Selena's Memorial Day Tribute in 1995 at the Houston Astrodome with 50,000 + attending.  The event was one of the first events of its kind to be promoted via the Internet. Alan Wallace began his professional career while attending the University of London Union when he served as UPI's youngest foreign correspondent.   He has worked for Virgin Music International, the William Morris Agency, and went on to form New Regime Entertainment, a talent agency representing a variety of comedic talents including  Jeff Foxworthy. Alan Wallace has been published by publications such as  Streaming Magazine and was a judge for the 2003 Codie Awards for business applications and/or services as well as CRM applications and/or solutions.  With his efforts to help  the survival and growth of Internet radio, Wallace was also recognized by Streaming Magazine as #50 for the Top 50 in Streaming - 2002.   He has also been recognized  by Silicon Alley Reporters / Digital Coast Reporter in 1997 as one of the Top 25 in Tech. Wallace  has been involved in projects winning Webby's Invision and Tenagra awards. Alan Wallace is also an active speaker at events including the National Association of Broadcasters, Internet World, Milia, NetWorld+Interop, Showbiz Expo, World Research Group and  Hollyweb. Wallace has also been interviewed by TechTV, CNET,  CNN, CNNfn, CNN Showbiz Today, Tech Now TV, New York Times, WSJ, Los Angeles Times, San Jose Mercury News, USA TODAY,  Forbes ASAP, INFOWORLD, NEWS.COM and many others. This is the personal & professional site for Alan Wallace. Alan Wallace is a Public Relations, Communications & Marketing professional. Alan Wallace is a Public Relations, Communications & Marketing professional. Alan Wallace is the founder and former CEO of iagency CEO of iAgency - the first pr, marketing and advertising firm for the Internet. Alan Wallace is now a public relations and marketing consultant serving Southern California and Silicon Valley. Alan Wallace specializes in public relations to business, channel & consumer media for markets including hi tech, entertainment and consumer products. Wallace currently serves as VP, Corporate Communications for antivirus and security provider Panda Software. Prior to Live365 he was SVP of Communications, VP of Marketing for Live365.